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Maternity Menu

Unique to Aetheria, our Maternity Menu is especially designed to pamper and ease the discomforts of new and expecting mothers. Offered to women in their second and third trimesters, and new mothers one month after birth.

Great Expectations Package

Call it a Babymoon, or your last hurrah. Take the time in your final few months of freedom to get away together, retreat, relax and take a pre-baby breather. We will arrange for your overnight accommodations in one of New Canaan’s finest bed and breakfasts, provide two hours of signature treatments per person plus a prenatal partner massage mini workshop and spa gift basket.

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Bikini Wax

Bikini Wax


Prenatal Partner Massage

This hands-on instructional mini-workshop is a great bonding experience for expecting couples. Learn step-by-step how to apply proper positions and prenatal massage techniques to the expectant mother.

45 minutes: $105

Pregnancy Facial

Our customized facial treatment gives special attention to your specific needs – hormonal acne, hyperpigmentation, sensitivity or dehydration.

60 minutes: $160

Organic Moisture Body Masque

Hydration is the focus of this body “facial” that nourishes and firms dry and dehydrated skin and helps minimize the appearance of stretch marks.

60 minutes: $140

Sugar Scrub

This sweet treatment improves skin tone and texture, while relieving dry, itchy skin.

30 minutes: $80

Mini Maternity Massage

The scalp, head, neck and shoulders are the focus of this soothing treatment to alleviate headaches, morning sickness, and neck and shoulder tension so common during pregnancy.

30 minutes: $80

Maternity Massage

A nurturing treatment designed to relieve the discomforts of pregnancy, utilizing a specially designed massage table and custom-tailored body cushions.

Offered to women in their second and third trimesters.

60 minutes: $140

Expecting Rejuvenation

Give her the nurturing she needs during this time of great emotional and physical change. This specially designed treatment restores energy, refreshes skin and soothes aches and pains with a dry brush exfoliation, 30minute body polish, 30 minute facial and 60 minute prenatal massage. Includes a take home gift for the mommy to be.


Mother Nurture Package

Enjoy true relaxation in the comfort of your own home. A specially trained therapist will come to your home where you will receive an Infant Massage session, and a 60-minute maternity massage. You’ll also receive a spa gift basket for you and your newborn. Makes a great shower gift!

$270 for locations within New Canaan
Package also available at locations outside New Canaan for an additional fee

Post-Natal Facial

Our customized facial treatment gives special attention to your specific needs – hormonal acne, hyperpigmentation, sensitivity or dehydration.

60 minutes: $160

After Baby Maternity Massage

Ease muscle aches and pains, improve sleep and reduce stress with this postnatal specific treatment.

60 minutes: $140
75 minutes: $170
90 minutes: $195

Maternity Makeover

Let the new mom feel like herself again as her entire body is treated with individual care and attention. This experience includes an aromatherapy foot bath with soothing sole massage, a post pregnancy 60 minute massage, a sensitive skin facial with pure eye & lip therapy,  and take home gift.

Allow for 3 hours. $380

Infant Massage

Learn one of the most nurturing ways to bond with your new baby in this half hour session. We teach you the nurturing touch of massage and reflexology from one of our specially trained massage therapists while interpreting and responding to your child’s body language. This provides tremendous physical and psychological benefits – a holistic, natural way to promote infant health, deepen bonding, better sleep, regulates body functions, stimulates neurological development and enhances communication, just to name a few.

Infant must be at least 6 weeks of age.

30 minutes: $80